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Casa Hogar Cabo San Lucas

This month’s orphanage highlight goes to Casa Hogar Cabo San Lucas and the amazing directors that steer this ship, Omar Venegas and Jason. Even using the word amazing doesn’t come close to describing Casa Hogar Cabo San Lucas and the work Omar, Jason, and the rest of the CHCSL team have done.

While it was only a few years ago Chappell and I happened upon Casa Hogar Cabo San Lucas, it was a meeting that we would never forget. We met Omar after a recommendation from Tonito (also affectionately known as“Cho-Cho”) , and we were immediately blown away at what his orphanage was doing. Casa Hogar Cabo San Lucas, in our (Chappell and I) opinion, is the Googl

e of the orphanage world. CHCSL orphanage has an amazing facility with plenty of sports related activities for the kids living there. From skateboarding to soccer, CHCSL has the equipment and the land development to match. When you think you’ve seen it all, you come to learn that CHCSL is doing more than most when it comes to providing opportunities for their kids. They have after school programs, a computer room, music room, counseling, and many more aspects for growth and development. They focus heavily on sustainability and teaching life skills for their kids beyond the orphanage. As if that wasn’t enough, Omar is on the board for DIF (Mexico’s Social Services) and they were the first orphanage to get certified with the newest regulations. Omar and Jason are masters at fundraising and bringing attention to the needs of their kids. One need only have a brief conversation with Omar and soon realize that brining a pen and paper to the table would have been a good idea. He is the king of great ideas, and we have learned much from his advice over the last few years. When we first met Omar he told us about his dream to bring boys and girls (orphans) together. You see, Baja Sur separates the boys and girls, and they end up at different orphanages. This can be devastating to brothers and sisters after already going through the trauma associated with being orphaned. Well, no shocker here, Omar has accomplished his goal. They are currently building an additional area for more kids, and they have already taken in many girls. Soon they will have 60 kids!

Not to sound like a broken record here, but CHCSL has even created a space for teens that have graduated from their orphanage program. CHCSL recently purchased several shipping containers and had them turned into living space with several workshops where their older teens can learn a trade and make a living outside of the orphanage. I seriously could go on and on about Omar and his team that created this jaw dropping environment for these kids, but I will leave it with this…..anyone that can get the vacationing Lady Gaga to stop by and say hello to orphans has got to be doing something right!!!

Your continued support for Baja Love Outreach will allow us to help CHCSL kids with school supplies, back packs, shoes, and uniforms for the 2018-2019 school year! Thank you for helping us help them!

Dios Bendiga!

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