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Help the Babcock Family!!!

The Babcock Family is in desperate need of adequate housing to accommodate their family, including a special needs son who they are in the process of adopting. Jose, 10 years old, was abused and abandoned at 4 months of age and now uses a wheelchair and has severe medical needs. This family of 6 has given their lives to serve orphans in need though the non-profit, Baja Love Outreach. As a group they have changed the lives of more than 150 orphans and growing, in the Mexican state of North Baja California. A 1400 square foot double wide trailer has been donated and we are looking to raise funds to pay for the transport and set up of the home in Mexico. Our goal is set at $12,000 to cover all expenses including septic, water, electric and any cost of repairs or retrofitting needed to make the home wheel chair accessible. This home will cover an immediate need for the Babcock Family, but also will open the door for future ministry growth. On the same property, Baja Love Outreach plans to build a retreat center for incoming missions and volunteer groups. This property would also offer a place of respite for the staff and volunteers of the 6 orphanages. The facility will house teams throughout the year, and welcome the orphanage staff, who work tirelessly around the clock to provide and care for these children. The Babcock Family will manage this much needed ministry, opening doors for expansion, and greatly blessing the ministries and children of Baja. Funds are needed immediately to secure the land and start the process. Would you consider a donation to Baja Love outreach of any amount to make this need and dream a reality?

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