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Congratulations!  Baja Love Outreach is excited to help you achieve your educational dreams.  This application should not be something that you take lightly.  Our expectation is that you choose an educational path that you are excited about and will assist you in your future employment endeavors.


Anyone applying for a scholarship must currently reside in an orphanage or have lived in an orphanage that Baja Love Outreach supports.  In order for Baja Love Outreach to consider your application for a scholarship, you will need to fully complete all areas of this application process. Please complete the following information and return it to Baja Love as soon as possible.

University Costs

Additionally, you will need to complete the following in order to qualify for a scholarship (Please submit in "General Forms"):

  • Attach a typed 300-500 word essay, in English, explaining why this scholarship is important to you, what your life goals are and how this education will help you achieve those goals. Essay must be in PDF format.  If you need assistance with translation from Spanish to English, please contact a Baja Love representative.

  • Complete an in-person interview with representatives from Baja Love Outreach. 

  • Submit two letters of recommendation or a reference from a teacher, pastor, or adult mentor (attached via pdf to this application). 

  • Submit copy of acceptance letter from university or trade college.

Rules and Regulations 


While you are receiving a scholarship from Baja Love Outreach you will be expected to follow certain rules and abide by certain regulations.  This is a commitment you will be making with Baja Love Outreach.  If you are unable to follow the listed rules and regulations the scholarship awarded to you will likely be in jeopardy.  You may lose all funding and may be required to return any property awarded to you.  You will have to commit to the following: 

  • Show motivation to study by completing this application.

  • Remain in contact with your representative from Baja Love Outreach.

  • Commit to four volunteer hours weekly. 

  • Send bi-monthly updates, that could be used on social media, on your progress, successes, pictures, thank you notes, etc.

  • Maintain a grade point average of 7 or above, and report if you are falling below. If you receive a failing grade, you are in jeopardy of losing your scholarship.

  • Submit an official transcript of your grades to Baja Love Outreach each semester. 

  • Provide Baja Love Outreach with a school counselor contact and commit to meeting with them if you are having difficulty in school.

  • Comply with house rules of your respective orphanage. 

  • If any additional scholarships through the government or your school are available to you, you are required to apply for them.

  • Disclose to Baja Love Outreach if you are receiving any other scholarships or financial aid.

  • Tuition payment requests must be received 45 days before they are due.

  • Provide receipts to Baja Love Outreach of any school fees paid within 7 days of payment.

  • Send all documentation, receipts, etc. to:


The scholarship and the rules governing the scholarship can be modified by the Baja Love Outreach Board of Directors at any time.

Thank you!

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